About the works

Poker Fairy Tale is a collection of game inspired video art excerpts created by Daniel Meirom and Jennifer Shahade. Connect via twitter.com/pokerfairytale or by email daniel_meirom@yahoo.com and jenshahade@gmail.com.

WorkA woman is so engrossed in her work, she is not paying any attention to the extraordinary beauty around her. The widespread addiction to online games and technology is often criticized for being alienating, but it can also develop intense focus and transcendence. The larger historical theme of being exiled from Jerusalem is also a metaphor for "Black Friday" or the American crackdown on the World's largest poker site, PokerStars. Captured by Daniel Meirom, dividing his attention between two loves, one human and one city. Music by Jimmie Gonzalez
RavenAn excerpt from The Raven breaths new darkness into Edgar Allan Poe’s supernatural poem about a man in mourning. Hidden in the shadows are themes of voyeurism, feminism and how social media enables the descent into modern madness. Features Samara O’Shea as the narrator. Sound mix by Quinn Waters.
Cin I This Cinderella remake is at turns a dark and playful take on the desire for cosmetic perfection. Features Kacie Marie as Cinderella, Jen Shahade as a wicked stepsister. Cinematography by Blake Eichenseer.
Cin II The conclusion of Cin, set in Atlantic City. Features Daniel Meirom as Prince Charming and Kacie Marie as Cinderella.
GoldilocksThis visually arresting tale of Goldilocks and the three bears reflects on themes of aging and amorality. Features Kacie Marie as the heroine and Jason Bretz, Yoni Nimroad and Alex Nice as bears. Cinematography by Blake Eichenseer.
Hula Hulachess explores themes of multitasking, the feminine, circular side of chess and the surprising parallels between chess and hooping. In 2010, Hulachess was among 125 videos selected from over 23,000 for the first online gallery of the Guggenheim/Youtube Biennial. Shahade plays red while choreographer & dancer Gabrielle Revlock plays White. Cinematography by Blake Eichenseer.
Naked In a celebrated 1963 photograph French-American artist and chess master Marcel Duchamp played against a nude woman. Naked chess reverses the famous image by opposing a female chess champion against a male chess amateur, Jason Bretz. Cinematography by Blake Eichenseer.

Daniel Meirom

Daniel Meirom is an Israeli-American film-maker and the co-founder of DimMak Films, a Philadelphia based production company. Creative projects include Misery Loves Comedy, a documentary on stand-up comedians, Nowhere Else, a pilot TV show for Israeli TV, and Camden: Love/Hate a documentary about one of America's most dangerous cities, told through the eyes of high school students.

Poker Fairy Tale gives Daniel a space to expand the boundaries of his work through innovative narratives and visual rhythms.

Jennifer Shahade

Jennifer Shahade is a chess champion, editor and the author of Chess Bitch, Play Like a Girl and co-author of Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess. Jennifer is also a poker player, the co-host of Women's Poker Hour and a writer for PokerStars Women.

Via her work on Poker Fairy Tale, Jennifer explores topics that have haunted her throughout her career in games including mortality and the need for female perspective in male-dominated worlds.